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Arts Centre Washinton

The Secret Earl of Biddick

Washington Youth Theatre present...

The Secret Earl of Biddick

12 July 2018 - 13 July 2018 7.30
Tickets £5.00

Thursday 12 July - The Quayside Exchange, Sunderland

Friday 13 July - Arts Centre Washington

A play with music, written and composed by award winning playwright Neil Armstrong as part of the Tall Ships Sunderland event.

In 1746 a man calling himself “James Drummond” arrived in the little Pit Village of South Biddick, Washington, claiming to be the 6th Earl of Perth.  His claim that he had just fled the Battle of Culloden whilst fighting for Bonnie Prince Charlie was met with disbelief by some but belief by others.  Like for instance his wife Elizabeth who he met and married shortly after he arrived here in the North East.  To this day no-one knows for sure if he was telling the truth – but if he was, then someone around here is due a Castle and a sizeable part of Scotland. 

So, come and decide for yourself as a thirty-strong cast comprised of four professional  actors and the massed ranks of the Washington Youth Theatre tell the true story of a local mystery.  With Choreography by Amanda Lucy Woods, Costumes by Sam Fisher and Musical Director Mark Thompson.